Issue 01 / October 2012

Art auction

The unpretty side of art insurance

Investing in art has become popular in the current economic uncertainty, but insuring art carries inherent challenges – not least because value can be subjective.

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Lasers covering globe from point to point

How new regulation is tightening the net on data security

New guidelines and proposed legislation on data security have shown the importance of constant vigilance and comprehensive insurance policies in mitigating the risk of cyber attacks.

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Investor aggression: growing risk in IPOs

Controversial IPOs have led to lawsuits from those left out of pocket. Investors are becoming more aggressive, raising the demand for insurance from those companies issuing shares.

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Soldiers in desert

Could your employees be in danger of kidnap?

Few events can match the sheer terror of a kidnap. Despite efforts to tackle the growing menace, kidnappers are becoming more determined and inventive.

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London Olympic stadium with soldiers

Why preparation is key to managing reputational crises

From Barclays to BP, the list of international companies to suffer expensive reputational damage grows longer by the week. With reputational crises almost inevitable, preparation is crucial.

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Chinese street

Making the most of China's growth

As the traditional risks of doing business in China recede, the country's potential has never been more apparent. However, there are still hazards for companies entering the market, and Chinese firms going global need new levels of protection.

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Are you prepared for unstable regimes and increased terrorist activity?

Unstable regimes, increased terrorist activity and a volatile economy – large multinational companies need to be prepared for the fallout from a more uncertain world.

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