Issue 07 / October 2015

Why construction contractors must work harder to manage risks in emerging markets

As Europe-based construction contractors increasingly tender for projects in emerging markets, they must consider supply chain, human and political risks from the offset. By Willis Global Construction

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Managing the political and cyber-related weak spots in your supply chain

How can risk managers support supply chain professionals to manage political and data-related exposures, asks Alice Underwood

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How risk managers can influence the C-suite

As companies’ risk profiles change ever more quickly and receive more attention from the board, how can risk managers add more value to boardroom decision making? By Christine Lasala

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How ERM can help risk managers to support the C-suite

Risk management is fast becoming a strategic function within large organisations, and risk managers are integral to the decision-making process, says Todd Williams

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Why a firm knowledge of risk tolerance can be the risk manager’s compass

Risk tolerance helps an organisation determine where they are going and the best path to take, and to understand when they get there, says Ben Fidlow and John Merkovsky

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Top 3 strategies for navigating the soft insurance market

How to take advantage of the soft insurance market and why risk management strategies are of growing importance. A conversation with Gilles Bénéplanc, managing director of France, Gras Savoye

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Mars’ risk manager discusses risk management strategies

How the corporation revamped its insurance programmes for the first time in decades, and the growing importance of analytics to its strategic risk management. A conversation with Donny Quesenberry, international risk manager, Mars

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How a risk-based premium allocation methodology improves risk financing

A detailed understanding of risk in every region you operate in is essential to ensure that premium allocations are efficient and commensurate with your spread of risks, says Marc Paasch

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Are you ready to manage people risks of the future?

Can risk managers collaborate with human resources leadership to mitigate people risks, recruit and retain the best talent and ensure success? By Jim Blaney

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Risk management strategy in Formula 1

How live data and thorough preparation helps to manage the pressures and risks of top-flight motor racing. A conversation with Susie Wolff, Formula 1 test driver

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Why more risk managers are using alternative risk transfer solutions

Alternative risk transfer is becoming more widespread as companies retain more risk and traditional insurance struggles to cover emerging risks, says Ciarán Healy and Marc Paasch

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How the Bloodhound Project manages risks at 1,000 miles per hour

The Bloodhound Project aims to drive a car at 1,000mph and smash the world land-speed record. The strategic risks are broader than you might imagine. A conversation with Andy Green, bloodhound driver

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Deterring unethical employee behaviour

Risk managers can help HR specialists to ensure that incentive systems do not result in perverse behaviours, says Jim Blaney

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How data analytics can help to identify health care solutions

By identifying health conditions resulting in higher medical costs and employing targeted health-related initiatives for employees, a US company was able to save more than $1million, explains Jim Blaney

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How Mars manages its insurance programmes

The corporation is more focused on its long-term insurance-buying strategy than whether the market is soft or hard. A conversation with Donny Quesenberry, International Risk Manager, Mars

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Why risk managers and insurers must keep pace with the changing cyber risk environment

Cyber risk insurance is increasing in breadth and capacity but more will need to be done, says Christine LaSala

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How new capital is reshaping the (re)insurance sector

Catastrophe bonds, collateralised reinsurance, industry loss warranties and reinsurance ‘sidecars’ are increasing risk transfer options, says Ciaran Healy

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