Issue 05 / January 2015

Climate change: finding practical solutions

Green building makes good commercial as well as environmental sense, but climate change needs to be discussed in more immediate, human terms in order to gain greater traction. By William Creedon

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Why natural catastrophes are a growing threat to buildings

Climate change, urbanisation and economic development mean the cost of natural catastrophes is now higher than ever before. Businesses and public authorities need to take decisive steps to improve their resilience to future disasters. By William Creedon

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Philip Lebosse

Why Bouygues Construction prioritises employee safety and security

The construction industry faces mounting political, economic and societal pressures, but employee safety and security will always be the top priority, says Henri Lebossé, head of risk and insurance at Bouygues Construction.

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Promoting disaster-resilient building in the US

The US faces problems with the building codes for extreme weather events and should adopt higher elevation requirements to protect against storm surge, flooding and sea level rise, says Tim Reinhold, senior vice-president and chief engineer at IBHS.

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man sitting at computer

Why the financial sector must face up to stress

Bank workers have more intensive training, complete additional compliance reviews and fill out more paperwork, even though their workload has risen due to redundancies. Stress needs to be tackled before it becomes endemic. By Jagdev Kenth

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corporate  leaders graphic

Top 5 risks facing directors and officers

Directors and high-ranking officers in public and privately-held corporations around the globe work under an unprecedented level of scrutiny.

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image of airplace

How new technology is helping airlines mitigate new risks

The aviation industry needs to accommodate growth in demand, cope with volatile fuel prices and meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements. By Philip Smaje

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3D model

How 3D modelling helps companies to understand terrorism risks

Today’s terrorists can strike anywhere at any time. Willis is applying its 3D-modelling expertise to help companies to better understand and manage some of their terrorism risks. By Sharon Palmer

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man sitting at computer

Board-level support is key to changing attitudes to stress

Lifestyle, exercise and nutritional advice can help employees to better manage stress, but senior management support for workplace schemes is key. By Jagdev Kenth

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Why telecoms must tread carefully to manage interconnected risks

The rapid evolution of the telecoms market brings sophisticated challenges that require fresh thinking in order to optimise risks effectively. By Sara Benolken

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oil refinery

Managing the impact of oil price volatility on the energy sector

The large-scale and long-term nature of oil and gas companies’ projects leaves them vulnerable to oil price fluctuations, business interruption and ever more stringent regulation. By Joe Seeger

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How smart is your use of smart devices?

Mobile devices are changing quickly and creating new risks and challenges for telecommunications, media and technology companies. By Sara Benolken

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Navigating risk in an interrelated world

Risks for technology, media and telecoms companies are becoming increasingly complex and interrelated, requiring more innovative and bespoke risk and insurance solutions. By Rhiannon Jones, head of risk at Sky Plc

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Oil projects facing extra-fine margin

Oil price uncertainty, lack of infrastructure and cost containment are key challenges for Canadian Oil Sands (COS), the largest shareholder in Syncrude – a large oil sands mining project. By Joe Seeger

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Drones: improving efficiency, open to abuse

Greater industrial use of drones could lead to a shortage of skilled operators, raise privacy concerns and have liability repercussions. By Philip Smaje

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pilots and aircraft

Using solar power to fly a plane

Solar-powered flight picks up speed with Solar Impulse's impending take-off, but insurance can be hard to find. By Philip Smaje

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