Issue 04 / April 2014

How private exchanges are reshaping US healthcare

Private healthcare exchanges are allowing US employers to curtail healthcare costs and giving employees more choice and control over their healthcare provisions.

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American Airlines Group's risk manager discusses insurance strategies

Following the merger of American Airlines with US Airways Group, Franc Hangarter is now risk manager of the world’s largest airline – American Airlines Group.

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Are you managing data safely?

The NSA scandal sent ripples around the world, rousing greater scrutiny of governments’ tracking and use of people’s data. Now companies need to demonstrate a transparent and ethical management of third-party data.

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How to boost workforce diversity

The benefits of a diverse workforce are well cited yet a chasm remains between rhetoric and minority representation among senior management. Companies need to turn their diversity programmes into company-wide objectives.

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Managing risks during Brazil's economic resurgence

Questions are being asked about Brazil’s economic, political and social future, but despite recent economic slowdown and street protests the long-term future remains bright.

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Why you should constantly reinvent products and services

Market-leading firms must embrace risk and cannibalise successful products with risky innovations, says Gerard Tellis, director of the Center for Global Innovation, and Neely Chair of American Enterprise at the University of Southern California.

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The untold story of Parker Liautaud’s Antarctic ski record

While millions settled down to celebrate Christmas Eve 2013, 19-year-old Parker Liautaud was making the final steps in an epic, record-breaking journey from the very edge of Antarctica to the South Pole.

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Three ways energy companies are under cyber attack

Energy companies could be particularly exposed to cyber attacks from rogue employees, environmental groups and politically motivated entities, says Robin Somerville, communications director, Willis Natural Resources Industry.

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Why Asia’s captive insurance market is set to grow

Captive growth in Singapore, China and Hong Kong and rising interest in captive insurance among other Asian countries bodes well for the continent’s captive industry, says Paul Owens, CEO of Willis’s Global Captive Management Practice.

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Information security: it’s what companies don’t tell you that matters

Tech and telecom firms’ apparently greater exposure to cyber risks is a big concern because many other Fortune 1000 companies are their clients, says Ann Longmore, executive vice-president of Willis’s Executive Risks Practice (FINEX).

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El Chapo, drug trafficking and Mexico’s risk profile

El Chapo’s capture will make the operating environment more challenging in the short- and medium-term, particularly in the north-western and Pacific states, says Tim Holt, head of intelligence, Alert: 24, Willis’s risk and crisis management consultancy.

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If business continuity matters, don’t ignore solar storms

Solar flares can disrupt communications technology, trash electrical infrastructures, force aeroplanes to change course and harm satellite equipment, says Geoff Saville, atmospheric hub leader, Willis Research Network.

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Why Asia’s aerospace sector will boom

Asia’s aerospace sector is growing but to fulfil its potential it will have to manage cyber risks, natural catastrophes, public health issues, regulatory concerns and battles for talent, says Alastair Swift, head of transportation industry, Willis.

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