Issue 03 / October 2013

How to spot fraudsters in your office

The economic downturn has put pressure on individuals and businesses and fuelled an uptick in fraud and other criminal activity. Companies must improve their internal processes and working cultures to battle this trend.

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South Pole ski record targeted by Parker Liautaud

Striking out into the barren, freezing wastes of Antarctica, teenage explorer and climate campaigner Parker Liautaud aims to battle through 400 miles of almost featureless ice and break the speed record for skiing to the South Pole.

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FERMA's president Jorge Luzzi says Europe is at a crossroads

With the Eurozone in crisis and political uncertainty spreading, companies that are the most ambitious in their risk management will be the winners, says Jorge Luzzi, former president of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations.

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Managing Africa's political risks and cultural differences

In contrast to the usual cycle of war, disease and famine, Sub-Saharan Africa shows the budding shoots of promise. While investors face significant and persistent risks, in US President Barack Obama’s words, “Africa is rising”.

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Does your terrorism cover protect you?

Confusion over defining terrorism is a key issue when insuring against these gruesome risks. Understanding different risk pools’ triggers, coverages and definitions of terrorism will enable risk managers to identify and fill the gaps in cover.

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Minimising human errors in the workplace

Companies should regularly monitor their employees’ behaviour before incidents turn into serious accidents, cultivate an awareness culture among their workforce, and identify potential sources of error among their supply chain and contractors.

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How to instill your sustainability goals with resilience

Corporate social responsibilities are a priority for many organisations. By committing fully to a sustainability agenda companies can also boost supply chain resilience, says Matthew McEwan, director of risk management at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

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TRIA’s expiration could result in insurers withdrawing from the market altogether

It’s crucial that companies proactively evaluate their property and casualty terrorism purchasing requirements, says Wendy Peters, senior vice-president of Willis’ Terrorism Practice.

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The enigma of stolen artwork

Nobody knows how many stolen artworks have been destroyed by the perpetrators or their accomplices, says Richard Nicholson, executive director of fine art for Willis’s Fine Art, Jewellery and Specie practice.

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Why you should engage with senior executives who face D&O liabilities

The UK domestic law affords directors generous statutory and common law protections, says Francis Kean, executive director in Willis’s FINEX Global.

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Why employers must ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees

There is increasing regulatory and public pressure on employers to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of their people wherever they are, says Douglas Milne, CEO of the Special Contingency Risks SCR division.

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How to minimise IT disruptions

A robust business continuity and incident response plan is critical, says Erica Constance, divisional director of Willis’s Telecommunications-Media-Technology and Cyber Risks teams in FINEX Global.

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Building a trust culture at your company

A culture of trust is a culture in which every player believes they are respected by other players, says Phillip Ellis, chief executive officer of Willis Global Solutions Consulting Group.

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